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Youth and Style

Celebrating the Evelyn Greenspan Endowment Fund

“If you can’t have youth you might as well have style,” remarks Marius Greenspan, a longtime San Francisco Symphony patron and donor, echoing his mother’s favorite saying. It seems appropriate that, in honoring her memory, he is creating a lasting benefit for youth—and doing so in style. 

“My mom, Evelyn Greenspan, was my mentor and best friend,” continues Marius. Her inspiring life makes it clear why. A dedicated lifelong learner, she graduated from Cornell University in 1942, entered law school at the age of 69, and earned a degree in gemology at the age of 75. She possessed a rare ability to make friends wherever she went. And she loved music.

“She sang in churches and synagogues her entire life,” Marius remembers. “When I was growing up, she would take me to see the Chicago Symphony Orchestra every month. It made me a lifelong fan of music.” Now he is paying it forward in a way that his mother would have appreciated.  

“Mom was a great believer in sharing her wealth and wisdom while she was alive,” Marius reflects. “She established endowed scholarships and funds to support all kinds of causes.” Following in her footsteps, he has established the Evelyn Greenspan Endowment Fund to support the Symphony’s Music & Mentors Program. His generosity creates dependable annual funding that enables the Symphony to provide free assistance to every instrumental music program in San Francisco’s public middle schools and high schools. 

“Endowment gifts provide critical support in perpetuity for our youth education programs,” remarks Matthew Spivey, the San Francisco Symphony’s Interim CEO. “Thanks to the Evelyn Greenspan Endowment Fund, young people will reap the unique benefits of the Music & Mentors program for years to come.” 

“My mom was committed to helping people who needed a boost,” notes Marius. “The goal of my gifts to the San Francisco Symphony is to continue her legacy. I have been fortunate to meet some wonderful musicians here who share mom’s and my love for music.”

Spivey adds, “This new fund will have an enduring impact. It has been a privilege for our staff to work with Marius on a way to honor his mother that reflects their shared commitment to the future of music.”

Evelyn Greenspan
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