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How to Audition For the Sfsyo

Applications are accepted continually and any openings in the orchestra will be filled by audition drawn from the most recent applications submitted. Applications are currently being accepted for upcoming Spring rounds of entrance auditions for our 2020–2021 season with a deadline of April 1, 2019. Audition periods will begin after April 15, likely extending to early June, and you will be contacted with the specific audition dates for your instrument after the deadline has passed and all applications have been received. Please do not make requests for specific audition dates in your application or by phone/email unless contacted by the SFSYO office and asked to do so.

Auditions periods for Youth Orchestra membership are held twice annually—in spring and early fall—and are open to musicians ages 12-20 who are prepared for a serious commitment to challenging repertoire and to the full rehearsal and concert schedule. Not all instruments will have audition availability during both audition periods and candidates will not be considered for a Fall audition until a Spring round has concluded.  To clarify: if a candidate does not audition in the Spring, he/she may not be granted an alternate opportunity in the Fall. For more precise details, please check with us after each application deadline.

Upcoming Youth Orchestra Concerts