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Ellen Magnin Newman Award 

  • When Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall opened in 1980, the San Francisco Symphony and Wells Fargo inaugurated what has become a tradition: the All San Francisco Concert. This performance for the community, sponsored by Wells Fargo, is one of the highlights of the Symphony’s opening week activities, and pays tribute to the many neighborhood and social service organizations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The All San Francisco Concert Committee of the Volunteer Council coordinates this event. 

In 2007, Wells Fargo sought to honor the founder of the All San Francisco Committee and San Francisco Symphony Board member Ellen Magnin Newman through the creation and sponsorship of the Ellen Magnin Newman Award. This award is now presented annually to a community-based organization that strengthens the Bay Area’s cultural fabric and serves vulnerable families and individuals to create a more just and equitable society for everyone who lives here. The winner of the 2020 Ellen Magnin Newman Award is Hip Hop For Change.

About Hip Hop For Change

Hip Hop For Change, Inc. is a grassroots nonprofit that seeks to address the injustices of misrepresentation through education and community building. Our platform serves to empower people who identify with Hip Hop culture and gives them a safe space to express their truest voices, selves, and cultures. The work we do educates people on how Hip Hop can be used as a tool for social justice and fighting white supremacy. Our movement is rooted in the core values of Hip Hop Culture: peace, love, unity, and having fun. 

Social Justice Events

Our social justice events give a platform to positive and progressive artists who have been left behind by corporate-controlled media. We let the community speak their truths while educating them about important topics like environmental equity, women’s empowerment, and more. 

Hip Hop Education

We have taught more than 20,000 youth across California the history of Hip Hop evolution, music, and culture. Our program gives K–12 students the tools they need to facilitate positive self-expression and better understand Hip Hop Culture. 

Grassroots Jobs

We have employed 900+ people from all walks of life, providing them with livable wages and professional job training. Our grassroots team works to bridge the gaps between affluent and disparate communities by educating the public on issues of race, social justice, and the co-optation of Hip Hop Culture. 

Our Latest Project

Hip Hop For Change is building a free community studio space for youth to transform their trauma, pain, frustrations, as well as joy, into creative expression. We will be helping marginalized and transitional-age youth cultivate their talents with our upcoming artist development program, re-entry program, professional mentorship, and free music production and promotion. We still need help in making this a reality so please join the fight for our culture. Learn more at