Ellen Magnin Newman Award 

The Ellen Magnin Newman Award is named after Ellen Magnin Newman, SF Symphony Board member and founder of the All San Francisco Concert. The Award is presented each year to an outstanding community-based organization that strengthens the City’s cultural fabric, serves the City’s families and individuals, and creates a more just and equitable society for everyone who lives here.

Recipients of the Ellen Magnin Newman Award are selected by the All San Francisco Committee with approval from honorary chair Ellen Magnin Newman, and are celebrated at the All San Francisco ConcertThe 2022 Ellen Magnin Newman Award winner is the Bayview Opera House.

About the Bayview Opera House

The Bayview Opera House Ruth Williams Memorial Theatre exists to appreciate Black arts and culture through the acknowledgment of its rich legacy, to provide stewardship for its unique history, and to be accessible to artists and audiences so that they may be activated through transformative work that educates, inspires, and progresses excellence. The Opera House employs the arts to support aspirational values, hope, and passion, and to inspire the self-confidence, excellence, and self-esteem needed to be successful, especially for Bayview youth. Anchored in the Bayview Hunters Point community and acting as a homing beacon even for displaced community members who no longer live there, the Opera House provides a central location where the community comes together to enjoy culturally relevant art exhibits, performances, and community festivals, and where local artists get their first opportunities to perform. The Opera House builds social cohesion through arts-based events that reflect the rich cultural heritage of the Bayview community and appeal to multiple generations of both traditional and new residents.

Marcus Shelby's Harriet's Spirit, a co-production of Bayview Opera House and Opera Parallèle.

Bayview Opera House interior.

Graduates from the Tools of the Trade program, which focuses on teaching technical artistry in the performing arts field.

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