The West-Eastern Divan Ensemble draws upon players of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra. The orchestra was founded in 1999 by Palestinian author/scholar Edward Said and Israeli conductor/pianist Daniel Barenboim as an alternative way to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. What began as a workshop evolved into the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra. Comprised of Arab and Israeli musicians, the orchestra defies fierce political divides in the Middle East and around the world. Through its work, the orchestra demonstrates that opposing sides can build bridges that encourage people to listen to the narrative of the other.
Founded and led by Concertmaster Michael Barenboim, the West- Eastern Divan Ensemble brings the artistry of its parent orchestra into a chamber music format. The ensemble works to further spread the ideas behind the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra and to give audiences an intimate opportunity to experience the musicians’ unique artistry and personality.
Michael Barenboim & the West-Eastern Divan Ensemble appear on tour with the support of CAMI Music (New York), the Daniel Barenboim Stiftung (Berlin), and the Barenboim-Said Foundation USA.

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