Kimberly Wright
Member since 1999
Hometown: Arkadelphia, AR

Favorite composer:
My favorites would probably be Brahms and Mahler. Both of them wrote great parts for horns—very different from each other, but very meaty in both cases. I feel really privileged to have been able to record all of the Mahler symphonies here throughout my career. Not many people get to do that.

If I were to pick another career, I would go into decorating. I’ve also thought about flipping houses for a living. I love to garden: My husband—former principal trombone Mark Lawrence—and I live on a floating home in Sausalito now, so I’ve moved to pots. We’ve taken up kayaking, which is great—we just walk out the door and jump in, and just around the corner all the seals and birds hang out. I love my three Persian cats; I play with them all the time. And I love to travel: Mark and I really enjoy going to Lucerne. It is just beautiful.

On being in the Orchestra:
I enjoy the depth of sound that the middle voices—horns, cellos, bassoons, violas—give to the overall sound of the orchestra. I love playing solos and being heard, and I also love playing in our brass section. Most of us have known each other for 15 years at least, so we’re very close. It’s easy to sit down and work through the music together.

Listening to:
I have a lot of CDs of classical music at home, but because I play so much classical, I like to balance it out with other kinds of music. Some favorites are Mel Tormé, Tony Bennett, Barbra Streisand, Elton John, and Al Jarreau.


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