Ann L. & Charles B. Johnson Chair

Michael Tiscione
Ann L. & Charles B. Johnson Chair
Member since: 2010
Hometown: Monroe, NY

Becoming a professional musician:
My first experience playing in an orchestra was with the New York Youth Symphony, my senior year in high school. I'll never forget, I sat down in the first rehearsal, and we played the Organ Symphony by Saint-Saëns. It was such a great feeling, I decided right then "I'm going to do this."

Important musical influences:
My teachers, from both undergraduate and graduate school: John Rommel, Charlie Geyer, and Barbara Butler; those three people helped take my playing to the next level. Since I started playing professionally, I listen and learn from other trumpet players I have worked with: Chris Martin, Mark Hughes, Tom Hooten, and Andrew McCandless, all trumpet players in their orchestras (Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, and Toronto). And now, SFS Principal Trumpet Mark Inouye; working with him is great. I try to learn and draw from all of them.

Best aspects of being a member of the SFS: 
The level of musicianship around the whole Orchestra is astonishing; just being around that is fun. It's inspiring to be surrounded by a hundred really great musicians.

Favorite works for the trumpet:
As a trumpet player, I love Mahler: his writing is exciting for us to play because the trumpet players get to perform all sorts of different roles within the Orchestra. The music is very deep and very intense, with interesting textures.

Hobbies and activities outside music:
I like to stay active, cycling, running, and hiking. Anything out of doors.

Advice for aspiring musicians: 
Listen. Listen to all kinds of music, but listen with a very keen, purpose-driven ear, rather than in the background. It's hugely important to the developing musician.


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