Founded in 1986 by Terrance Kelly, the mission of the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir is to inspire joy and unity among all people through Black gospel and spiritual music traditions. Every performance helps to preserve and advance Black gospel music and spirituals. OIGC weaves together more than 300 singers ages five to 100 across multiple choirs from a wide range of faiths, races, and cultures.

OIGC’s cornerstone work is the Community Engagement Program, presenting concerts in a wide range of venues that reach underserved populations and serve the community in times of need and celebration. It is inclusive of the non-audition Oakland Interfaith Community Choir, founded in 2013, and the Oakland Interfaith Kids Choir, founded in 2022.

The summer of 2022 saw the acquisition of the Oakland Youth Chorus to the Oakland Interfaith Youth Choir, founded in 1997. OIGC’s youth program and outreach now includes a total of five ensembles, from elementary through high school.

OIGC continues to address the need to keep the tradition of Black gospel music and Negro spirituals alive for new generations of singers and to bring this music to diverse audiences throughout the community.

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