Name: Jimmy Kansau
Voice type: Tenor
SFS Chorus member since: 2012
Hometown: Venezuela

Music school(s) you attended: San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Began singing: At eight years old.

Musical inspirations: My siblings.

If I were not a professional singer, I might be: An architect.

Favorite composers: Mozart, Puccini, Strauss, Rachmaninoff, Handel, Copland, Britten, Bizet, and Purcell.

Favorite vocal works: The ones I’m working on at the moment!

This season, I am really looking forward to: working with Maestros Thomas and Bohlin and collaborating with other amazing musicians.

When I’m not working, I enjoy: gardening, household projects, my own music, and cooking.

Recent reading: Imagine by Jonah Lehrer. I thought it was truly insightful.   

On my CD Player/iPod: Afro Venezuelan and Latin American music.

Favorite things to do in the Bay Area: Visiting Napa Valley, because of the food, weather, wine—you name it! Golden Gate Park is without comparison, with its museums and state-of-the-art architecture. When it’s sunny, the beaches are stunning. Culture here is everywhere!

Plus: I also work at the San Francisco Boys Chorus, where I’ve been trusted with the position of Vocal Training Director. I collaborate with other world class music directors to ensure the vocal health of the young voices that come to the institution. I also have my own project of Latin American songs reinterpreted with American jazz standards in mind. The album is coming up next year.


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