Bequests and Annuities


One of the easiest ways to remember the Symphony is to include it in your will, living trust, or retirement plan. This type of planned gift allows you to retain full use of your assets during your lifetime, while providing for the Symphony's most compelling needs. 

There are three types of bequests you may wish to consider:

1) A specific bequest provides for a specific amount of cash or securities distributed to the Symphony;

2) A percentage bequest from the residue of your estate is often made after remembering relatives and friends;

3) A contingent bequest becomes effective only if other more primary beneficiaries are no longer alive.

Charitable Gift Annuities 

A charitable gift annuity pays fixed payments for your lifetime at very favorable rates. The older the annuitant is, the greater the rate. Payments may be deferred, allowing for an increased payout in later years.  A charitable gift annuity provides an income tax charitable deduction at the time you make the gift.   

Sample Charitable Gift Annuity Illustration

A 75-year old contributes $40,000 cash for a Charitable Gift Annuity:

Contribution $40,000
Annuity Rate 5.8%
Annual Fixed Payments($40k x 5.8%) $2,320
Charitable Deduction $17,071

Example based on rates effective 1/1/2012. Deduction amount will vary according to date of gift. Donors may give cash, appreciated securities, or qualified non-cash assets.

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Gifts of Retirement Assets

Get real bang for your charitable buck by using retirement assets to provide for the Symphony’s future.  Never pay taxes on your hard-earned dollars by naming the Symphony as a designated charitable beneficiary of your qualified retirement plan.