Deck the Hall
Drive-In FAQ

Sunday, December 5, 2021

FORT MASON FLIX 2 Marina Blvd,
San Francisco, CA 94123

4:00PM–In Your Holiday Best
6:30PM–Holiday Pajama Party!

Audio for Drive-In: 95.5 FM 

Artwork by Eleanor Hemphill (age 4), Cecilia Hemphill (age 2)

We are excited to have you join us for Deck the Hall at the Drive-In at FORT MASON FLIX! The Junior Committee and San Francisco Symphony team have worked diligently to create a safe, entertaining, and celebratory environment. Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with our unique experience before arriving on December 5.

Please present a printed copy of your tickets or your digital tickets on your phone.
If you have not received your tickets by December 1, please call 415.503.5351.

Drive-In and Parking
Please arrive on time to ensure that you and those around you enjoy the best experience.

For the 4:00PM show (screening begins at 5:00PM):

  • VIP admission begins at 4:00PM (Partners and Tree Sponsors) 
  • General admission parking begins at 4:15PM 

For the 6:30PM show (screening begins at 7:30PM):

  • VIP admission begins at 6:30PM (Partners and Tree Sponsors)
  •  General admission parking begins at 6:45PM 

For sightline reasons, taller vehicles such as SUVs may be parked towards the sides or rear of the venue so as not to block the views of smaller cars.

Specific spots on the sides of the lot are available for hatchback parking and viewing. Hatchback parking cannot be reserved and will be filled on a first come-first served basis. Hatchback viewing is not permitted outside of the hatchback viewing area in consideration of sightlines for other cars. 

We cannot reserve any single parking space in the lot.

Restrooms are located in Building C & D (buildings flanking the left and right side of the parking area). When patrons exit their vehicles to use the restroom facilities, they must wear a face mask while inside the building.

Car headlights must be turned off during the film. Prior to arrival, please locate how to manually turn car headlights off.

COVID-19 Safety
Face masks are always required when inside any building at Fort Mason Center.

Audio will be broadcast through FM stereo sound that is tuned directly through your car’s FM stereo. Turn your key to accessory mode to keep your stereo on. If you don’t have an FM stereo, please bring a portable radio—there are a limited number available for use at the event. In the rare instance that your battery dies, Fort Mason will have jumper cables to get you on your way.

Please call 415.503.5387. 

Presenting Partner 
Louise M. Davies Foundation

Supporting Partner

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