Students in a classroom with a teacher from the Instrument Training and Support program

What Music Teachers say about the San Francisco Symphony’s Instrument Training and Support program:

“I can personally state that you have saved the band and orchestra program.”

 “Being an urban school with limited funds for equipment, supplies, and repairs, the IT&S program’s involvement with our band program really allows us to function as a band should.”

“I could not begin to express how grateful and happy I am to have this program to help me and my students.  I have watched both the orchestra and band grow every year.  Having coaches to help the various sections makes my students more confident players.  Then they find more joy in playing and it pushes me to introduce more difficult and challenging literature.”

“The benefits were abundant.  The students were inspired by the teaching artist and impressed by his skills.  The sound of the entire band improved remarkably.”

“The program was a godsend this year.  With so many in my sixth grade classes, I could not give the individual students the attention they deserved.”

“The program helped my students with their embouchures, breath control, rhythms, tonguing, alternate fingerings, etc.  It gave these students the individual attention and support they needed to be their best, no matter at what level.”

“I am extremely grateful for the musical resources.  It looks like our program will be even larger next year.  I will need more supplies such as mouthpieces, reeds, instrument repairs, etc.”

“The selected concerts at Davies through the program were perfectly suited to the young students.  The music was challenging for the students, but not overly so.”

“The improvement in tone, intonation, and balance was strikingly obvious.”


Ron Gallman
Director, Education

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