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A student wearing an SF Symphony sticker sits in Davies Symphony Hall

"With 44 official languages spoken in our school district, the Symphony ensures that music is its 45th. Music connects and unites young people regardless of their background. As teachers and principals have shared, it opens their minds and hearts to be better learners. Lifelong learners. Those are the same lessons that music taught me those years ago. It gave me the tools for creative thinking, for listening, and for teamwork and collaboration towards a common and beautiful goal."

—Mark C. Hanson, Executive Director, San Francisco Symphony
(Read his full letter here.)

The San Francisco Symphony serves its community and beyond with a comprehensive range of education programs, providing five consecutive years of equitable access to music education for all students in San Francisco’s public elementary schools, and support for all band and orchestra programs in SF’s public middle schools and high schools—all provided free of charge.

Throughout the Greater Bay Area, the San Francisco Symphony’s education programs provide opportunities for young people to engage with music through family-friendly performances and heritage events; interactive concerts for school groups; music education and training programs in schools; resources for teachers, parents, and students; and the prestigious tuition-free SFS Youth Orchestra.

Family-Friendly Concerts

Share the joy of music with the next generation through the fun, interactive Music for Families concert series and a variety of kid-friendly and community events throughout the season.

Music in San Francisco Public Schools

In partnership with the San Francisco Unified School District, the Symphony provides comprehensive music education programs to every student in grades 1–5 in San Francisco’s public elementary schools through Adventures in Music, and supports every public middle and high school band and orchestra program through Music and Mentors.

School Groups

The San Francisco Symphony provides school groups an unforgettable and engaging learning experience at Davies Symphony Hall through Concerts for Kids performances and daytime Open Rehearsals.

Youth Orchestra

Recognized as one of the finest youth orchestras worldwide, the San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra is a free, pre-professional training program for gifted instrumentalists age 12–21.


Ron Gallman
Director, Education

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