Día de los Muertos Artist Submission

2023 Día de los Muertos Theme

The San Francisco Symphony celebrates its 16th annual Día de los Muertos celebration on November 4, 2023. This event features a concert program of traditional and contemporary Latin American music, preceded by a festive array of family-friendly activities. In the weeks leading up to the concert, installations and altars are created by local artists to honor the living and the deceased. Curated by Martha Rodríguez-Salazar, these installations aim to commemorate the Day of the Dead, connecting all of us through expressions of shared human experiences. This year’s theme is: Día de los Muertos in the Mayan World. This year, we honor the traditions of the inhabitants of the Mayan region and the way their beliefs have shaped their understanding of death as part of their daily life. The San Francisco Symphony opens its doors for artists who would like to send their proposals for this year’s exhibit at Davies Symphony Hall.

Artist requirements

Experience creating Día de los Muertos altars or installations. We are unable to present paintings or murals.

Please submit a written proposal including artist statement, description of artwork, sketches, and estimated cost by August 1, 2023 to [email protected] . Your proposal will be reviewed by the curator and SFS Día de los Muertos committee.

Please note these San Francisco War Memorial & Performing Arts Center regulations:

  • No candles, incense or open flames.
  • Grains or anything edible must be in sealed containers (food is only permitted on November 4).
  • Please plan to refresh any perishable décor used, such as fresh flowers, balloons, etc.
  • All of the materials in artwork must be approved in advance.
  • Nothing can be affixed to the walls, carpet or windows.
  • The Symphony can provide power, easels, tables and a platform, if needed.
  • Be available to install artwork at Davies Symphony Hall on October 11 and remove it November 8.


Submission Deadline: July 14, 2023

Written Proposal includes: artist statement, description of artwork, sketches, and estimated cost.

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