The stories, sounds, and traditions of San Francisco’s Chinese community speak not only to the Chinese or Asian immigrant experience, but the American experience. Michael Morgan, and San Francisco Symphony Assistant Principal Cello Amos Yang, Associate Principal Viola Yun Jie Liu, and Assistant Principal Second Violin Jessie Fellows share their unique connections to Chinese culture and reflect on what music can offer in times like these.

Jazz as a State of Mind: Michael Morgan, pianist Tammy Hall, saxophonist Jason Hainsworth, and San Francisco Principal Bass Scott Pingel andPrincipal Timpani Edward Stephansharehow for them, the give-and-take of Jazz creates community and freedom of expression.

Art and Activism, Connectivity and Creativity: Michael Morgan, Kev Choice, AÏMA the DRMR, DJ Lady Fingaz, Jenay Anolin from Mix’d Ingredients and San Francisco Symphony musicians Kelly Leon-Pearce, Nick Platoff, and Aaron Schuman share how Hip Hop culture embraces a prism of influences, viewpoints, and voices.

Identity and Ingenuity: Michael Morgan, Eugene Rodriguez from Los Cenzontles, Bay Area musician/teacher Martha Rodríguez-Salazar, and San Francisco Symphony cellist Jill Rachuy Brindel share how for them Mexican musical culture connects and transforms traditions while building community.

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