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These Symphony-commissioned feature articles offer insights into the music you'll hear in the concert hall. We hope you'll find them provocative and entertaining.

Nov 1, 2016

A family tradition

Dan and Linda Cooperman have been coming to the San Francisco Symphony for over 15 years. Both were exposed to classical music at a very young age and they in turn have instilled their love for the Symphony in their two sons, Jeffrey and Justin.

This is their story.

As the Coopermans reflect on the importance of classical music in their lives, their two sons, Jeffrey and Justin, recall growing up in a home where the biggest fight was over the volume of the particular piece of music playing.

Over the years, the family has continued to share this love and often attends concerts together at the Symphony.

“This is a really amazing time in our lives to have two adult sons we love to be with,” notes Linda. “And fortunately they seem to like to be with us, and going to these [concerts] together is as good as it gets.”

“What’s so wonderful about having my family now involved is the continuity, the fact that I had received that same gift and now I’m able to pass it along; it’s really very special.”

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