Presidio Panto Players perform the annual holiday show at the historic Presidio Theatre. Panto is a traditional British holiday entertainment that combines slapstick humor, oneline zingers, outrageous characters, and send-ups of current events. This year’s production of Sleeping Beauty is an over-the-top musical re-imagining of the classic fairytale set in the magical kingdom of Pantoland, a mythical realm that bears a striking resemblance to contemporary San Francisco. The Presidio Theatre was built in 1939 by the US Army with funding from the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and is located next to the Parade Grounds on the Main Post of the Presidio of San Francisco in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. In 2017, after lying vacant for 25 years, the theater underwent a $44 million renovation, made possible through the vision and generosity of the Margaret E. Haas Fund. In addition to presenting public performances and films, the theater offers free events for 7000+ public school children and teachers each year, hosts community meetings, provides classes, and serves as a rental venue.

Sleeping Beauty Performers: Renée Lubin, Sharon Shao, Curt Branom, Ryan Patrick Welsh

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