Soprano, San Francisco Symphony Chorus

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Began singing: At age three, but I really became interested in learning songs when I was six years old.      

Musical inspirations: Recordings of Dawn Upshaw and Julianne Baird

If I were not a professional singer, I might be a: Theater actor or choral conductor

Favorite composers: Poulenc, Mozart, Monteverdi

Favorite vocal works: Poulenc, Gloria; Brahms, A German Requiem; Purcell, Dido and Aeneas; Mahler, Symphony No. 2

When I’m not working, I enjoy: Swimming, reading sci-fi

Recent reading: Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card

On my CD player/iPod: Javanese jaipongan; a folk version of the Orpheus story called Hadestown; fado; Kronos Quartet playing Bollywood hits; Bulgarian Women’s Radio Chorus
Favorite things to do in the Bay Area: Ferry rides and hill hikes

Plus: I also sing with the medieval group Cançonièr


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