Kéren Tayar

Kéren Tayar grew up in a multicultural environment where Western and Eastern music were celebrated and influential. At age seven, she began her musical theater career performing on some of New York City’s prominent stages. As she entered her teen years, she picked up the guitar, which allowed for her musical palette to expand into new territories. During her years studying at the Berklee College of Music, Ms. Tayar was featured in many of the school’s major showcases and worked on various albums, recording projects, and commercial jingles.

Ms. Tayar ventured to the West Coast soon after her studies and recorded her debut album Bliss Point with her band Jungle Fires. She has been working with Steve Hackman since 2015, performing in the Brahms V. Radiohead and Copland V. Bon Iver programs with the Pittsburgh Symphony, Nashville Symphony, Colorado Music Festival, and many others. She makes her San Francisco Symphony debut at this performance.

After her initiation into meditation practices and healing modalities, Ms. Tayar began to use her musical training to accompany and deepen her practices, working with soundscape design, voice, indigenous/world instruments, singing bowls, and more. In the future she will continue her exploration of music and sound as a means for connection, community, and healing, in addition to releasing her original compositions and arrangements for the first time as a solo artist in a new project.

(July 2019)