Elliott James Encarnación

Name: Elliott James Encarnación
Voice type: Tenor
SFS Chorus member since: 2013
Hometown: Livonia, Michigan
Music schools I attended: Manhattan  School of Music (composition), San  Francisco Conservatory of Music  (composition) 


Began singing:  At age 4

I was inspired to become a professional singer by: Ability! No matter what, I could always find work as a singer

If I were not a professional singer, I might be: an architect

Favorite composers: Wagner, Bach, Britten, and Beethoven

Favorite vocal works: Wagner Tristan und Isolde, Death in Venice, Bach St. Matthew Passion, and Rückertlieder

When I’m not working, I enjoy: What does one consider work? As a full-time musician, it's pretty much my life; when I'm not singing, I'm composing, cooking, or reading. I also enjoy doing a little cheese-mongering on the side.

This season I am really looking forward to: Britten War Requiem, Britten Peter Grimes, Poulenc Litanies to the Black Virgin

On my CD player/iPod: RR Bennett's "Sea Change"

Favorite things to do in the Bay Area: EAT! I love food and there’s never enough great dining to be found in this city.

More about me: I’m in the process of starting my own opera company, which is as daunting as it is exciting. Check for updates on my website: www.elliottencarnacion.com