YO Committee

The Youth Orchestra Committee works with the Symphony administration and the Youth Orchestra Music Director to determine the goals, operation, budget, and fundraising plans for the Youth Orchestra.

Youth Orchestra Committee   Youth Orchestra Staff
Carol Casey, Chair
Brent Assink*
Paul A. Bissinger, Jr.
Athena T. Blackburn
Rachael Bowman
Mical Brenzel
Paula Carano
John S. Chen
Dr. Yanek S. Y. Chiu
Mrs. Robert A. Corrigan
Mrs. A. Barlow Ferguson
David Fleishhacker
Elizabeth J. Folger
John D. Goldman*
Anette L. Harris
George Hecksher
Anne Herrera*
Kathryn Holmes   
Fred M. Levin
Dr. Raymond K. Y. Li
George F. Lucas
Gorretti Lo Lui
Jennifer MacCready
Susan Mall
Christine Mattison
Nion McEvoy
Keith B. McWilliams
Anthony W. Miles
Claudette M. Nicolai
Carol P. Nie
Barbro Osher
Mrs. James C. Paras
Carolyn Davidow Putney
John M. Rogers
Sharon Lee Seto
Michael Tilson Thomas*
*Ex-officio members   
Ronald Gallman
Director of Education & Youth Orchestra
Jason Pyszkowski
Associate Director, Youth Orchestra Program
Krisha Montmorency
Administrative Apprentice
Sohrab Hernlem
Maureen Ochi Sides
Jenny Vo-Phamhi
Assistant Music Librarian




Please include your name along with the name and instrument of the young musician for which you are inquiring in all email and phone messages.  We cannot provide accurate and prompt replies without this information.

Jason Pyszkowski
Associate Director - Youth Orchestra Program

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