Beethoven and Bates Festival

Beethoven and Bates

It’s been more than 200 years since the world was introduced to Beethoven, yet the waves of his musical influence continue to surge outward with unrelenting force, the emotional charge of his work speaking to music lovers in a way that’s incomparable. His daring fundamentals crossed boundaries then just as they do today, as the foundations he has laid are transformed, reinterpreted, and reenergized. Enter Mason Bates—an extraordinarily creative composer and deejay who has blurred the lines of classical and electronica, and revels in the space where these worlds collide. 

In the Re/current Festival , Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony celebrate the genius of Beethoven, whose sonic power transcends time with renewed energy and illuminates a place where rules are bent, trails are blazed and the past is in fact, quite current.

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Listen to a Recording

Mason Bates  The B-Sides

Mason Bates  Liquid Interface

Watch a Video

Mason Bates discusses Beethoven, his own artistic process, and more:

The YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011 performs Mothership by Mason Bates at the Grand Finale concert:

An excerpt of Beethoven's Mass in C major performed by the Berlin Philharmonic: