Yun Chu

Yun Chu
Member since 2002
Hometown: Shanghai, China

On joining the SFS:
I started playing violin when I was four years old. My first teacher was Jing Liang Liu, the father of Yun Jie Liu, who is Associate  Principal Violist in the Symphony. I studied with him for many years. I came to the United States and I was studying in Los Angeles at the University of Southern California when Jie Liu told me there was an opening here. I practiced hard for two months and got lucky at my audition.

Favorite composers:
I like Romantic composers—Richard Strauss, Mahler, Brahms. With the Orchestra, some of my favorite works are Mozart and Haydn symphonies. I especially like the way those composers wrote for string sections. The music is fun to play, and we get a very rich sound.

On being in an orchestra:
I’m always learning from the musicians around me and from the conductors. If I play a piece one year and then again the next year, I try to hear it differently the second time. My experience is growing, and also the way I listen to the ensemble changes: Sometimes I focus on the winds, sometimes on the lower strings, or the violins. I find something new each time.