Amy Hiraga

Amy Hiraga
Member since 2005
Hometown: Seattle, WA

Season highlights:
When Yo-Yo Ma was here for his Project San Francisco artist residency, he gave a master class over at the SF Conservatory for a quartet of SFS Youth Orchestra musicians. I went to see the class because my daughter Mariko was playing cello—Yo-Yo was just amazing. Watching him work with the students was so much fun.

Other musical activities:
I play a lot of chamber music. My husband Peter [Wyrick, SFS Associate Principal Cello] and I are co-directors of the Ruby Mountain Chamber Music Festival in Nevada.

Life outside the SFS:
I’m always going running on the trails in Marin. I was a gymnast when I was young, and being active is my way of keeping in touch with the coordination I built up. Sports and music are similar in that each is a discipline: In either case, it’s about staying present, and being aware of your body and your surroundings. Otherwise, I enjoy baking bread from sourdough. It becomes kind of an obsession because you have to feed and take care of the starter—it’s kind of like having a little kid around! I also make jewelry, which definitely comes in handy around holidays and birthdays.