Bruce Roberts

Assistant Principal

Bruce Roberts
Assistant Principal Horn
Member since 1988
Hometown: San Diego, CA

Early musical memory:
My mother is a piano teacher and my father was a band director in public high schools. Early on, my sisters and I would give impromptu performances after dinner, and my mother would accompany us on piano. It was a social thing to do, and we did it pretty regularly, to the point where we got comfortable playing.

Outside the Orchestra:
Over the last few years, I have been working towards building my own French horn making and repair shop. I see it as something to look forward to in my retirement from performance. It’s also another way to have a lasting legacy in the music world.

Current reading:
I love to read The Economist, and my favorite radio show is This American Life. I listen to that religiously. I also enjoyed reading a book called A Devil to Play by Jasper Rees, which is about a British amateur horn player who decides to try and master a difficult Mozart horn concerto (and perform it in front of an audience!) It’s a story that all horn players can relate to. 

Bruce Roberts has served as a Symphony mentor in the SF Symphony Community of Music Makers program.