Yun Jie Liu

Associate Principal

Yun Jie Liu
Associate Principal Viola 
Member since 1993
Hometown: Shanghai, China

On becoming a musician:
My first teacher was my father, who was a high school physics teacher and a self-taught violinist, and a very good teacher for kids. He started teaching me when I was five. He also was the first teacher of my colleague, SFS violinist Yun Chu!

On being in the Orchestra:
As a musician, I think the most important thing is to love music and appreciate what we are doing every day. After some years playing in the Orchestra, we might lose some of the excitement; but if we truly love music, it will keep us on stage for a very long time!

Teaching is my passion. I have some very good young students in my studio and I enjoy working with them. Since 1999, I’ve been the viola coach for the Asian Youth Orchestra, one of the most successful youth orchestras in the world. And every year I spend a few weeks in China giving master classes on the orchestral repertory to orchestral musicians and conservatory students.

Other musical activities:
I have enjoyed a wonderful period as Principal Violist in the Asia Philharmonic Orchestra, under Maestro Myung-Whun Chung, and really enjoy making and sharing music with musicians from other countries—including  China, Japan, and Korea. I also enjoy playing chamber music with Bridge Chamber Virtuosi. We’re working to expand the awareness of new Asian music along with traditional Western masterpieces.

Yun Jie Liu has served as a Symphony mentor in the SF Symphony Community of Music Makers program.