Margaret Tait

Lyman & Carol Casey Second Century Chair

Margaret Tait
Lyman & Carol Casey Second Century Chair
Member since 1974
Hometown: Rock Hill, SC

On being in the Orchestra:
Orchestral playing creates a situation in which you can lose yourself in a large soundscape. I really enjoy being part of a bigger picture. In this orchestra there has always been a tremendous amount of professional integrity, energy, and focus onstage.

Began playing music:
Both my parents were professional pianists, so I started early on the piano. My father’s sister was a cellist, and she introduced me to the cello when I was eight. We lived out in the country where there weren’t many distractions, so we spent a lot of time practicing, and it paid off.

Musical influences:
I studied with Irving Klein, who was the cellist in the Claremont String Quartet. Playing quartets had a big effect on how I think about music. The repertory is varied and rich. It provides tremendous opportunities for a cellist to relate to other instruments, but also to be featured and play melodic lines.

I enjoy playing sonata repertory with William Corbett-Jones, a very fine local pianist. I also enjoy various groupings of chamber musicians from the Orchestra. Before I was a parent, I spent ten years coaching the Youth Orchestra cello section, which was a great joy. I’m also a scuba diver—that’s how I met my husband, who is a marine biologist.

Margaret Tait has served as a Symphony mentor in the SF Symphony Community of Music Makers program.