Sarn Oliver

Name:    Sarn Oliver
Instrument:   Violin
SFS member since:   1995
Hometown: New Haven, CT

Musical influences:
When I was at Juilliard there was a group of students and professional musicians that got together for these great chamber music parties at cellist and friend Daven Jenkins’s apartment. You never knew who’d be there; it was so much fun. Those parties were a big influence on my concept of what music is really about: playing for the sheer joy of it.

Career paths:
I’ve branched into other careers, including being a recording engineer and producer. I have a recording studio now, and SFS Recording Engineer Jack Vad has been a great mentor. I’ve been learning about microphones, how to edit, how to master and produce CDs, all of which has affected how I listen to music. You start to understand how things are pieced together, and how musical decisions can be made during the editing process. I’ve also been composing a lot.

Recent activities:
I play in chamber music groups including the Tilden Trio and a violin duo called Tangled with my wife, (SFS violinist) Mariko Smiley.

Profiled in our Meet the SFS Musicians series, Sarn Oliver explains how his myriad hobbies—including rock climbing and composing—feed his passion for playing music.