Raymond Froehlich

Raymond Froehlich
Member since 1991
Hometown: Deer Park, Long Island

On becoming a classical musician:
In high school I was living on Kauai, playing drums in a jazz big band and the Makai Brotherhood Blues Band. We played all over the island, mainly at Taylor’s Camp in Hanalei, which was a hippie mecca. I wanted to move to the mainland, and one of the band members suggested San Francisco. I practiced everything you need to get into a classical school, and I ended up at the Conservatory.

I’m in a rock trio—electric guitar, bass, drums. And I’m in a group called the Ultra World X-tet, which involves Chinese instruments—the guzheng and pipa—and sax, electric guitar, bass. We combine jazz, world, funk, and psychedelic styles with an unusual mix of instruments and exotic, funky grooves. We gig around, and we just did a recording session.

Listening to:
I try to listen to friends and to support local artists. Weishan Liu is a local guzheng player, and I enjoy listening to her CDs.

Stay open to what is real music-making. That is advice I try to follow myself. When I’m playing in a club, everyone’s drinking or dancing, and I’m totally relaxed. When I play here, there are spotlights, and I’m in a suit, and I’m really focused—but I’m still hitting the drum. I try to make those experiences the same, to try and always get to the essence of music-making.

Raymond Froehlich has served as a Symphony mentor in the SF Symphony Community of Music Makers program. He is currently a member of the Coaching Team for the San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra.