Katie Kadarauch

Assistant Principal

Katie Kadarauch
Assistant Principal Viola
Member since 2007
Hometown: Orinda, CA

Other musical activities:
I am the violist in the Janaki String Trio, an incredible ensemble that is very dear to me. We have a balance of personal and musical dynamics, which is why I love chamber music; it's a chance to get closer to people.

On becoming a musician:
I come from a family of musicians, and I give full credit to my parents for my success in music. I started on piano at five, then switched to violin and then to cello, and I finally settled with the instrument that fit the best: viola. I played in the SFS Youth Orchestra, and it was during that time I fell in love with the SFS.

Favorite composers:
For orchestral music, I love Mahler and Prokofiev. Through very different harmonies and textures, they each manage to cast a spell on both the musicians and the audience. Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven and Bartók wrote my favorite string quartets.  

On being in the Orchestra:
I feel incredibly fortunate and have been welcomed warmly by the orchestra members. We work very hard and are so appreciative of our devoted audience members, donors, and fans.

Katie Kadarauch has served as a Symphony mentor in the SF Symphony Community of Music Makers program.