Matthew Young


Matthew Young
Member since 2012
Hometown: Herndon, KY

Schools: University of Kentucky, Yale, Cleveland Institute of Music

Began playing music: At age five (piano); stringed instruments at age eleven

Early musical influences: I grew up playing church music in a small rural Kentucky setting. As a teen, I began arranging J.S. Bach’s Brandenburg concertos and other secular art music by Baroque and Classical composers for our family ensemble, which included violin, viola, guitar, mandolin, piano, and sometimes cello, among other instruments.

Favorite composers: Bartók's string quartets are such incredibly complex yet still tuneful works.

Experiencing the endings of Mahler's Second, Third, and Ninth symphonies from inside the orchestra in the viola section have been some of the most profound and even spiritual experiences that I've had in my life.

Favorite part of being in the San Francisco Symphony: Touring and recording are both such an honor, and also hard work. From the first moments of my rehearsals as a new violist here, the deep, rich sound of this ensemble was really impressive. Personally, I'm thrilled with my new home base and feel very welcomed and at home, both by my colleagues and by the city.

Activities/Interests: I've done a couple half marathons since moving here and I am thinking I may try to do a marathon soon. I also enjoy cooking, hiking, and exploring this amazing town and its many colorful neighborhoods.

Favorite TV: Mad Men and Six Feet Under both are favorite TV shows of mine. Also, I'm a huge Pixar fan!

Matthew Young has served as a Symphony mentor in the SF Symphony Community of Music Makers program.

Updated October 2013