David Neuman

David Neuman
Member since 1986
Hometown: King of Prussia, PA

On being in the Orchestra:
The best thing for me is being able to express myself on my instrument—playing a beautiful line, or playing something that communicates a lot of emotion. Some of my greatest memories in the Orchestra have been outside of music-making, just sharing life experiences with colleagues. We’ve had some wonderful moments on tour, bicycling around Lake Lucerne into the Swiss mountains.

Other career paths:
I started a video communications business in 1998, and now I lead a double life as an orchestral musician and a full-time business owner. It is enormously challenging to switch gears from one to the other, but I find that it helps me to remember how much fun it is to play music. Playing in the Orchestra is my passion and what really counts in my life.

Favorite composer:
The fantasy aspect of Berlioz’s work is really cool for me. Symphonie fantastique paints a wonderful picture, and there are a couple of his vocal pieces that are very beautiful as well.

In your CD player:
I like listening to some of the old recordings of the Nielsen symphonies we did with Herbert Blomstedt, and to the Mahler recordings with MTT. I like to hear where we came from and where we’re going, and then to extrapolate down the curve.