Board & Staff

The San Francisco Symphony is recognized for employing an enormously talented, diverse, and dedicated administrative staff. If you need to reach someone on staff, please call our general administrative offices at (415) 552-8000, or email us at

Executive Office

Brent Assink, Executive Director
Marina Kennedy, Executive Assistant

Derek Dean, Chief Operating Officer 
Jeanette Wong, Executive Assistant

Artistic Planning

Matthew Spivey, Director
Richard Lonsdorf, Associate Director of Artistic Planning
Jeffrey Jordan, Chorus Manager
Shoko Kashiyama, Executive Assistant to the Music Director
Yuri Kim, Artistic Planning Assistant
Audra Loveland, Artist Liaison
James Utz, Artistic Planning Coordinator
Lisa Zadek, Artistic Planning Manager


Oliver Theil, Director
Public Relations
Robin Freeman, Director of Public Relations
Kim Huynh, Video Producer
Amelia Kusar, Associate Director of Public Relations
Tatyana Filatova, Public Relations Coordinator
Jeanette Yu, Director of Publications
Kathy Brown, Publications Associate
Steven Ziegler, Managing Editor
Joseph Evans, Archivist
Emma Logan, Digital Asset Coordinator
SFS Media
Jessica Huntsman, SFS Media Manager
Margaret Benedict, SFS Media Coordinator

Community Engagement and Volunteer Services

Marni Cook, Director, Community Engagement & Volunteer Services
Carly Asher, Volunteer Services Coordinator
Laura Bergmann, Event Coordinator
Jennifer Franks, Assistant Director of Events
Tisha Hong, Event Manager
Laura Knerler, Assistant Director, Volunteer Services
Ben Biscocho, Community Relations Associate


Stuart Canning, Director
Nina Zhou, Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives
Alice Zhang, Associate Director of Development, Communications
Corporate Partnerships
Cia Glover, Associate Director of Development, Corporate Partnerships
Matthew Felver, Manager, Corporate Partnerships & Stewardship
Bonnie O'Donoghue, Manager, Corporate Partnerships & Communications
Ari Warmerdam, Director, Corporate Partnerships
Individual Giving
Justin Marsh, Associate Director of Development, Individual Giving
Julie Ambrose, Director, Stewardship & Donor Relations
Patrick Hosfield, Manager, Foundation & Government Relations
Sara Koerber, Gift Planning Associate
Nadine Okla, Director, Principal Gifts
Collette Roy, Manager, Annual Giving
Maria Shaw, Manager, Annual Giving, Friends
David Zhang, Director, Gift Planning
Michael P. Clarke, Director, Development Operations
David Allen, Development Associate
Carolyn Cheung, Manager, Development Research
Maura Timmerman, Development Associate
Wattis Room
Trisha Heigl, Wattis Room Manager

Education Programs/Youth Orchestra

Ronald Gallman, Director of Education
Kay Anderson, Director, Education Programs
Kay K. Hamilton, Administrative Assistant
Anastasia Herold, Education Program Assistant
Erin Kelly, Scheduling Coordinator, Adventures in Music
Jason Pyszkowski, Associate Director, Youth Orchestra Program
Virginia Reynolds, Education Programs Manager
Justin Sun, Education Programs Associate


James Kirk, Chief Financial Officer
Christina Magee, Executive Assistant
Michael Artukovich, Senior Financial Analyst I
Larez Davenport, Payroll/Accounting Assistant
Karen Hill, Accounting Manager
Holly Hobson, Senior Accountant
Judy Huynh, Finance Manager
Jane Knox, Purchasing Coordinator
Emily Ma, Senior Accountant
Mike Monje, Staff Accountant
Rachel Morris, Donor Records Analyst
Elizabeth Shribman, Financial Analyst
Information Technology
Chandra Asken, Tessitura Analyst
Aaron Bennett, Manager, Business Applications
David Berta, Applications Support Engineer
Shivani Chamakura, Manager, Data Engineering and Analytics
Stuart Goldberg, Business Applications Specialist
Aaron Levin, Technical Project Manager & Developer

Human Resources

Cassie Benjamin, Human Resources Business Partner
Michelle Consunji, Senior Human Resources Business Partner
Alexandria Daley, Benefits & Compensation Analyst


Russell Kelban, Chief Marketing Director
Kate Bassett, Executive Assistant
Jason Koo, Revenue Manager
Marketing and Sales
Nate Bourg, Social Media Coordinator
Tony Chappell, Group Sales Specialist
Amy Chin, Marketing Research Manager
Audrey Deshayes, Group Sales Specialist
Alexandra Llamas, Marketing Manager
Maggie Li, Marketing Campaign Coordinator
Kate Sautter, Hospitality Manager
Creative Services
Corey Scott, Director of Creative Services
Alessandra Aquilanti, Copywriter
Mary Kay Hickox, Graphic Designer
Zach Klassen, Creative Services Project Coordinator
Emily Neveu, Creative Services Project Manager
Jennifer Siu, Graphic Production Artist
Neil Uhl, Art Director
Andrea Wang, Web/Digital Producer
Patron Services
Janice Glenn, Director of Patron Services
Terry Breedlove, Patron Services Manager
Christina Coughlin, Assistant Box Office Manager
Hilda Kissane, Box Office Manager
Carol Sebelius, Benefactor Ticket Coordinator
Jeannette Garbarini-Walters, Director of Retail Operations
Paul Delucchi, Manager, Repeat Performance
Michael Gallardo, Symphony Store Manager
Jennifer Mar, Symphony Store Assistant Manager
Jeff Griffith-Perham, Online Store Coordinator
Robert Johnston, Jr., Assistant Store Manager


Andrew Dubowski, Director of Operations
Michele Arnold, Associate Production Manager
Justin Brown, Operations Manager
Tim Carless, Production Manager
Casey Daliyo, Interim Operations Manager
Suzanne Kleid, Receptionist
Jef Shadoan, Office Services Clerk
Joyce Cron Wessling, Manager, Tours & Media Production
Nicole Zucca, Tour & Media Production Assistant